2015 Demo

by Lower Species

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released November 9, 2015




all rights reserved


Lower Species Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: New Damage
Hiding in the shadows, the tables have turned
It's our time now, won't you ever learn?
Looked beyond your false pride
Will you cut the act when worlds collide?
A life of comfort you won't ever leave
It's our time now, can't you fucking see?
Stop throwing me your shit
I've had enough
Face a new day
End this fucking pain
Track Name: Time Is Up
Time's Up
Last laugh
Nothing left
Take it all
Empty mind
Way behind
It's getting old
Times up
Common goals
Ready to fight
Can't waste
What we have
Try to be different when we're really all the same
Choose not to care just to take away the pain
Throw away what matters just to get ahead
We're on the same side why can't you understand?
Track Name: Waste
Another chance? A waste of time
You'll settle for less, won't even try
Another chance? A waste of time
Infected mind, step aside
You've turned your back for the last time
It's not too late to realize
Change your ways, change your fate
You'll find brighter days
The pressure's on, you can't look in the mirror
I know your stance, I've seen your fear
The words they say are true
No one to blame but you
Track Name: Overlooked
No path to follow
I'll make my own way
Don't need your approval
We're just not the same
Always overlooked? I don't care
Don't need your validation
Won't fear your rejection
Won't play it safe
Won't follow your ways
I know what matters most
Go ahead, push me away